Who Am I?

Hello Everyone, I am Chouxherbe. A cabbage that dreams of one day becoming as wide-spread as grass. But really, I am an individual that enjoys sharing my own stories just as much as I love reading them from others. As an avid reader growing up, I've always been one that was interested in stories. This interest in stories only grew when I came into contact with a Kindle, and now, I hope that I might be able to concoct and share stories that you will enjoy.

People might be connected by background, by experience, or by other means. But I think that stories is something that underlies it all. After all, isn't it the stories behind us that make us who we are? Don't our experiences, themselves, become stories that become a thread in the intricate fabric that makes up our lives? We are, in a sense, stories. And I want to share my stories with you.

Why this site?

By creating this site, I hope that I might be able to become a source of stories, beloved to all. I hope to be able to not only experience the wonderful stories that I typically have bouncing around in my head, but to share these wondrous stories inspired by our world with all of you. I hope that you might be able to enjoy them as much as I do!""

For those of you that might also have the same thoughts, I also hope that my site might be able to provide guidance to you. Everyone enjoys stories, and I hope that I might be able to guide you on your journey of sharing the stories in your head with the world, just as I hope to share mine. There are too many stories that remain unshared, and so, together, I hope that we might be able to change that. To share with the world the magic of stories, one step at a time, together.