11 Mar 2023

Moment of Truth (Not What She Expected XXXVI)

Xev sprinted back toward the tent. He’d barely spent any time rousing his men, yet Xiyana still found the opportunity to vanish in midst the chaos. The thought that she could be running...

25 Feb 2023

A Campfire Talk (Not What She Expected XXXV)

“So you’re saying that there really was a ‘Sylin’ recruited about a year ago?” Xev quietly asked. “I’m pretty sure.” Meyon answered. “I believe that he was even considered a prodigy of s...

11 Feb 2023

Interrogation (Not What She Expected XXXIV)

“So we meet again, general.” Sylin said, with a smile. Xev knitted his brow. Didn’t his sister say that Sylin was a warlock? But warlocks weren’t capable of energy infusion. Even if they...

28 Jan 2023

Rocky Collaboration (Not What She Expected XXXIII)

A swing of a blade quickly followed another. Flashes of light reflecting off steel combined with the distinct hum of energy infusion. Though he could no longer see his men beyond the tree...

14 Jan 2023

The Stranger's Strategy (Not What She Expected XXXII)

Xev panted. Though he’d expected it to be harder to disable the beasts, he’d underestimated the thickness of their apparently petrified bodies. Even while infused, his weapon could barely...

17 Dec 2022

Observing (Not What She Expected XXXI)

Edging along the trees, Xev remained silent, as he caught sight of a man challenging a pair of bear-like beasts. While the man’s technique was almost certainly a styl...

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