The First Steps Toward New Beginnings (Not What She Expected XLIX)

30 Sep 2023  C-. chou  2 mins read.

Silver hair fluttered in the wind as he swung his leg absently from the branch beneath him. Since his confrontation with his elder, he’d been sleeping in trees. Although there was always a chance that they were quietly reporting back to his elder, the advantages of height outweighed that risk. Besides limiting the types of range of executable ambushes available to his elder’s cronies, staying so close to the sky also generally improved his access to sunlight.

Silently absorbing the light and warmth peering through the leaves above, he focused on the differences between his elder’s aura signature and his own. Quickly shifting his own to match, he let out a sigh. It was a cheap trick, but any additional layer of inconvenience for them… however small it was… was also another point in his favor. His goal wasn’t so much as to fight them as it was to leave the area. After all, even if plant reigned over everything in this part of the forest, it was nothing once beyond it. If he could make it out of his elder’s domain without lifting his sword, then he would.

An almost imperceivable rustle caught his attention. Unconcerned, he swung himself off the tree as series of various sounds picked up around him. He took a deep breath. So, it had still come to this. From the familiar hisses of approaching snakes to the tapping of claws against scattered rocks, everything pointed to a steady stream of ground troops gathering around him. The increasingly audible canine growls and the deliberate steps of stealthy wildcats did all but formally announce their arrival.

He drew his blade. So, they had caught up with him after all. He had been hoping that they wouldn’t. He’d been hoping to avoid this fight… and the ensuing massacre. But… this was his elder… This was a being that lived without the word ‘mercy’ in its dictionary…

As if on cue, a ferocious hawk cry rang out from above. A formal declaration of war. Despite his efforts, this time had still come in the end. Placing a hand over his chest, over the pocket where the letter rested, he turned his attention to the horde of growling beasts encircling him. Even in face of his present predicament, warmth filled his chest and a smile come to his face. Soon, he would be free. Free from it all…

C. Chou
C. Chou

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