Facing Her Nightmare III (Not What She Expected XLVIII)

10 Sep 2023  C-. chou  3 mins read.

As soon as he got past the security, Xev jumped out of the vehicle and ran for the amphitheatre. It was the only place large enough to host such a fight. Even from this distance, there was an unmistakable cacophony coming from the structure. He broke into a sprint. Despite his physical proximity, his fingers still found their way to his phone’s redial button. Even if it were just a phone call, he couldn’t give up hope on anything that could put an sooner end this fight. At the sound of the familiar machine voice, he slammed his phone shut and pushed his legs harder.

Why couldn’t Kestyn just pick up for once? It was his hundredth time calling, only to reach the blasted man’s voicemail.

A series of hypotheticals flew through his mind as he neared the entrance. If he hadn’t sent the rest of his men patrolling… if he hadn’t left Xiyana solely in that man’s care… if he had been more careful with his superiors’ agenda… if only he had gone back for Sylin after entrusting her to his men… He gritted his teeth. Xiyana… please don’t be petrified.

Kestyn flew through the seating area, darting down stairs and shoving his way through people, without regard to the curious onlookers. She was such an idiot. He had reminded her of that man to encourage her to value her life, not this! What was she thinking… trying for a gamble like that? What if it didn’t work? Even if it succeeded, why was she trying so hard? Why was she willing to risk crippling herself for life or worse, losing it entirely?

Was it really worth doing so much for a dead man? Though the man had sacrificed himself for them, he was dead. Sure, no one saw his body, but no one saw his return either. Furthermore, it’s been years. If that man was still alive, there would have been news from Xev’s men by now. Besides, who could possibly survive against so many of those creatures at once? Even Xiyana, one of the brightest up and coming stars, was having issues with dealing with just one. Who could walk away from a battle like that, especially while they still had the ability to petrify?

Even a new recruit would instantly understand that the man was dead. It was such an obvious fact. He just couldn’t understand why Xiyana refused see it. He didn’t understand how she could still be so fixated on the idea of returning to the forest, even after all this time. Why was she still so willing to give up her golden future to chase after the impossible?

Why couldn’t she just face the truth? Why couldn’t she just understand that the man was dead, and that there was nothing more she could do for him? He’d once thought that it was good for her to have dreams, but now, he couldn’t help but wonder whether those dreams should be put to death the start… Whether Xev was right about trying to strangle them from moment they were born… But, he didn’t suppose that mattered anymore.

Xiyana. Just… Please still be alive. Dragging along a medical professional and one of the scientists, responsible for controlling the creature, Kestyn pushed open the gates to the arena. Still heaving for breath, he froze.

Panting for breath, Xev burst into the room. Xiyana, she had to be okay. No, she would be okay. He’d make sure of it. So, long as she hadn’t been petrified… However, before he got a chance to see the stage, he was surrounded by screams.

C. Chou
C. Chou

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