A Composition

08 Jul 2022  C. chou  2 mins read.

Hearing those notes
Ring out in the air

Memories fly by
Of those bygone years

Of when I last saw you,
Sitting before the piano,
On that stool before me.

Of when I could still
Hear your wonderful melodies
While watching you compose

Oh what a dissonance it is!
To hear your melody again
Without seeing your person!

Oh what a dissonance it is,
To reflect on the days
That you were by my side,

While letting out
A depressed sigh.
What an irony!

What would you do
If you had known
That the very song
That you had written

With the intentions
Of making me happy
Is the very thing
That makes me so sad now?

What would you do
If you had known
At the time
Of writing

That this gift
Was nothing short
Of a curse?

What would you do?

Would it be
To my dismay,
To give it anyway?

Or would you
Have held back,
Unwilling to bring me pain?

Oh how this melody
Makes me want
To see your face…
To hear you say my name!

To hear your voice again…
To see you so composed,
As you create music!

Oh how these swaying notes
Makes me wish that I could
Hold your hand,

Or even silently watch
From a distance
As you busily scribble away

In comes the closure
And I wonder
Why did you have to make it
As painful as a suture?

You simply wanted me
To go mad.

But then,
I remember your loving gaze
And your kind face,

Or did you already somehow know
That your ending
Would be
So completely sad?

This poem was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Storyteller’s Vault” Publication

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C. Chou
C. Chou

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