A Friend (Not What She Expected XXXVII)

25 Mar 2023  C. chou  3 mins read.

A child closed his eyes, as the breeze blew his bangs wildly across his face. A smile spread across his lips. He was in a good mood today. Smile shifting into a grin, he entered the trees and knelt before the silvery plants before him.

“Finally, you return.” A cold voice echoed in his mind. But the tone didn’t bother him. Not today. Unfazed, he smiled at the plant.

“A girl human said she wanted to be my friend today.” He grinned, suddenly remembering that he had failed to share the reason behind his happiness. She was the first person… first human person that seemed to genuinely want to be his friend, even after seeing his eyes.

“One human. A child at that. What’s there to be proud of?” The voice scolded. “How many times do I have to say this? As a failed product, the sole reason for your existence is to learn more about the human race and report back! Though you’re a failure, is your memory capacity so far from a human’s that you can’t even remember well enough to complete a task?”

“I… I’m sorry.” The child answered, lowering his head in shame and blinking back tears.

“You’d better be. Now get back to work.” The voice scoffed as it dismissed him. “If you continue to leave your job post in the middle of the work day like this, then you’ll be the one at blame if we fail to get a proper understanding of them this time.”

“But even the adult humans get a lunch break.” He answered, biting his lip. Sometimes, he wished he were a normal plant, just like his elder… his creator. Perhaps, that way, he’d have a better life. At least, he’d be a being that could at the very least blend in with their bunch. “I… I …”

“Stop making excuses.” The voice replied, cutting him off. “You are dismissed.”

“Wait!” He shouted.

“What is it?” The voice asked in exasperation.

“I thought… “ He started, clenching and unclenching his fist at his side. “I thought maybe I could learn more about them if I went to school with her. I heard that humans around my age go to school.”

“Why…” The voice began.

Sylin looked away, preparing for the worst. That girl… He was probably never going to see her again.

“Why…” The voice rang in his mind, once more. “Why that’s a brilliant idea.”

His eyes widened, as he stared at his parent plant in shock. His heart leapt in excitement. He was finally going to have a friend… A friend that both didn’t judge him by his appearance… A person that was approved by his elder. In a way, his dream was finally coming true.

“You shall go to school. Expect to be enrolled tomorrow.” The voice said, in his head. “However, keep in mind that this is all under the condition that you continue providing your quarterly reports on everything that you’ve learned. The moment that these reports prove to be less than useful, trust that you will be immediately removed from the institution.”

“Thank you, elder.” He said, a smile forming on his lips as an uncontrollable excitement ran through him, in spite of the harsh warning. “Please enroll me under the name of Sylin.”

The name she gave.

“It will be done.” The voice answered.

“Thank you, elder.” He said again.

“Dismissed.” His elder replied.

Standing, he skipped toward the forest’s exit, suddenly feeling giddy. After ten years since his creation, his life was looking up. Her face formed in his mind. His first friend. Xiyana. A person and bond that he would cherish for as long as he could.

C. Chou
C. Chou

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