A Mid-Autumn Fest

25 Nov 2021  C. chou  2 mins read.

He let his head roll back, hanging loosely on his neck. Closing his eyes, he jumped, feeling his body fly over the roof, before colliding with the hard tiles. A wave of euphoria passed over him, washing away any pain he should’ve felt on contact. His palms and knees would probably be a bit scratched up later. But he couldn’t feel any of that right now. Standing, he raised his arms to the sky and closed his eyes, bathing in the moonlight.

It occurred to him, then, that the moonlight could hardly reach his skin with all the clothing he had on. It was a shame. The light was welcome. He touched his waist, confirming that his short blades were still there. Wonderful. He suddenly felt the urge to let himself fall backwards, and just lay there, watching the moon regardless of the clothes that separated him from the light.

He shook his head, remembering his mission. The reason he was out here. There was actually a reason. Though he couldn’t put a finger on it right now. He giggled, suddenly feeling giddy as he stood there, contemplating his supposed task. Something important. He pat his belt, finding a sack hanging from it on the opposite side of the blade. Right, he had to deliver the sack.

That need held little significance to him in the moment. He sat down, slumping his shoulders and staring at the moon in a daze. He smiled at it, euphoric. Laughter escaped him. He felt so relaxed. Sleeping would be nice. So nice.

No, the mission was important. He shook his head again, forcing himself to concentrate. He was still high from whatever-it-was in the refreshments that knocked out the original sack owner. And it felt so good. He forced himself to stand and suppress the stray thought, reluctantly fighting the desire to let himself succumb to the bliss. Without warning, colors burst alight in front of him, mesmerizing him, as lanterns of all shapes and sizes were launched into the air and released into the open sea from the platform below. It was the mid-autumn festival.

Suddenly, he remembered why this mission was so important. His daughter was still waiting for him to get back. They wanted the contents of this sack so much. He needed to get it to them so that she could come back home. He’d agreed to take her to the festival. To see the lantern ceremony this year. A dead leaf fell before him. She had pressed a similar leaf into his palm when she asked him, her little hand just barely half the size of his. He did his best to pull himself together, continuing toward the warehouse, where they’d agreed to meet. Where they agreed they would return her. She was his world. Had been, since his wife’s passing. This mid-autumn, he promised himself, he’d show her just how grateful he was to still have her. His hand clenched the sack on his belt. He’d bring her home.

Note from the author:

Thank you everyone for reading. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving this year.

C. Chou
C. Chou

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