Against the Creatures (Not What She Expected VI)

20 Dec 2021  C. chou  4 mins read.

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She closed her eyes, and steeled herself for the impact, as a claw came down toward her. Somehow, in their struggles against the creatures, she lost her weapons. Now, free of her offensive tools, she would have to hope that being crouched down with her arms over her head would be enough to protect her. Surprisingly, the pain never hit. She blinked her eyes open.

Sylin’s sword was above her, embedded in the creature’s chest. It was still glowing from whatever he infused it with, probably the entire reason that it was able to penetrate the creature to start with. She’s made no headway in trying to hack at the creatures, and it didn’t seem like Sylin’s blades of light were enough to do any damage either. All physical attacks seemed to bounce off them, leaving not even a scratch and spilling not even a single drop of blood.

“Run!” Sylin shouted, as held back some creatures with an apparent plate of light, while fighting the others behind him with his remaining weapon. Then she saw it, a path. He cleared a path for her, an area without any creatures.

She nodded, remembering her promise, and started off. As she ran deeper into the darkness of the woods, it occurred to her that as far as she knew, Sylin didn’t have much experience fighting those creatures either. And being surrounded like that…could he even escape? And that sword… he’d be severely disadvantaged with just one weapon available. She turned back, she couldn’t just abandon him like that. Furthermore, she had no idea which direction she needed to go to find help.

“What did you come back for?” Sylin shouted, as he wrestled with one of the creatures, holding it back with the flat of his blade. She noted that the ground was bloody. Most of the creatures, seemed to be injured or have fled. There were only a handful still present. But he didn’t seem to be in a particularly good state either. Like the day in the hospital, his illusions were entirely displaced, revealing long waist length hair, a white embroidered robe, and slightly pointed ears.

A creature ran toward her. Sylin let go of one of the hands on his sword, and launched a blade of light at the charging creature’s legs, causing it to stumble and crash to the ground. However, in that same moment of weakness, the one that he had been holding back didn’t waste the advantage. Quickly overpowering him and clawing his chest, it pushed him to the ground.

“Cover your eyes.” He shouted, from underneath the creature.

“Why?” She asked.

“Just do it!” He commanded. “It would be better if you closed them too!”

She squeezed her eyes shut, before covering them with her palms. Sylin wasn’t one that would normally command her, or anyone else, to do anything. And the last thing she wanted to do was burden him. A sudden burst of light filled the area, so bright that she could see it, despite her covered and closed eyes. Sounds of panicked animals, roaring and squealing, before a clear running noise.

“Sylin?” She asked, concerned, her eyes still covered.

“It’s fine.” He answered, sounding weak. “You can uncover them now.”

The creature, on top of him, was impaled through the skull. It’s eyes were frozen in a state of confusion. The other remaining creatures appeared to have fled. Immediately, she ran up to him and started shoving at it, trying to push the creature off of his body.

“You promised me that you would run if I told you to.” He said, still sounding weak.

“And what about you?” She asked, forcing back tears, as she continued pushing at the creature. “You said that we would both make it out fine.”

He smiled then. Not the usual one, but a weary smile. “I am fine.” He answered. “Just a bit tired.”

“Why didn’t you just flood them or incinerate them?” She inquired, biting back tears, finally giving up on pushing the creature. Readjusting her position, she tried to yank him out from underneath instead.

“I told you.” He responded, looking as though he was going to doze off. “I’m not a warlock as you understand it. Most natural elements are beyond my control.”

“How can I help you?” She asked.

“Just let me rest a bit.” He whispered, closing his eyes.

“What if they come back?” She questioned, still yanking at his arm. But he wasn’t even putting an effort toward freeing himself. Whatever that light was…it must have taken a lot out of him.

“They won’t. Everything that had it’s eyes open within a mile’s radius has been blinded. We’re long out of range from the country’s encampments, and I didn’t feel anything familiar enough nearby.” He answered.

“Do you need me to do anything?” She tried again.

“A warm fire would be nice.” He answered, before passing out, oblivious to any further questioning.

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