Arrival of An Empress

08 Mar 2022  C. chou  2 mins read.

Extending her arms, she passes them through the sleeves to her robe. Though large, they were light in weight. The dark cloth hung loosely from her arms as she gathered her long black hair behind her and secured it in a long braid. Sitting before her copper mirror, she pressed her lips against a sheet of rouge paper, coloring them the shade of roses in fresh bloom. Holding her sleeve steady with one hand, she dipped a brush into black ink and delicately passed it back and forth along the rim of the ink cup. Once relatively dry, she lifted the brush to her eye. Gently, She passed it along the edge of each of her eyelids, highlighting their natural curves. Finally, smiling at her reflection, she stood gracefully.

With her dark robe trailing behind her like the train of a wedding dress, she threw the doors open and exited her room. One by one, rows of maidservants awaiting at her door lowered their heads in curtsy at her presence and without a word they each tailed after her, forming two elegant lines behind her. Following her along the marble pathway, they lifted her train as she stepped through the doorway. Passing a series of officials, who each bowed their heads respectfully at her arrival, she walked along the red carpet leading to an ornate seat decorated in gold and dragons. Taking a seat and with an elbow against the arm rest, she leaned forward, smiling as the maid servants took their places along the path toward the throne.

Turning her attention to the awaiting officials, her smile turned into a grin. It was time to begin court.

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Microcosm” Publication.

pick your favourite or least hated song from either of … genres [Electronic Dance Music or Country & Western] and write a story that it inspires.

Song of Choice (first song on my music streaming recommendations) : China-E

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