Because He Knew All Along

03 Feb 2022  C. chou  3 mins read.

He looked up with a gasp. What was that doing up there? His eyes darted anxiously around the room, before closing as he let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it didn’t look like anyone else saw it.

He looked up again. It was definitely there. But how could he move it? There were too many people in the adjoining room. Even with the door closed between them, the party chatter was still audible. How could he sneak it past all of them?

Cracking a small opening, he peered out from the door. It looked like they were only half-way through the celebrations. So not quite time for the first round of refreshments. He glanced back at the box. They’d definitely see it the moment they came in.

He looked around, despite his familiarity with the room. There weren’t any other exits. Furthermore, none of the cabinets were viable hiding places. A chef could go through any of them at anytime. At least if he tried to sneak it out, there was a distinct possibility that its inner contents would remain secret.

He reached up for the box. Thud. He froze. Thud. He returned his outstretched hand to his side. Thud. He turned, slowly, dreading what he might see.

There was nothing there. Thud. It wasn’t coming from the door. Thud. Not the walls either. Thud. He jumped. Thud. It was closer. Thud. Certain that it originated immediately next to him, he jerked his head toward the sound. Nothing.

Thud. There it was. He turned, sure that he’d catch it this time. Nothing. Thud. It was in front of him now. Suddenly, he realized what it was, why it was looking for him. He stole a glimpse upward, but it was too dark. Too dark to see. Too dark to tell.

He slowly straightened, returning his face and attention to that which was before him. Thud. Right at his feet this time. Please no… Reluctantly, he looked down. There it was. The box.

He fell backward. Frantically, he moved his arms and legs. Trying to distance himself from it. Thud. It didn’t appear to move. Thud. But he knew better, as he turned away, picking himself up and stumbling to the door.

“Trying… to… leave?” A familiar voice slurred behind him. He didn’t need to turn to know that a now-toothless grin with menacing eyes watched him.

He didn’t answer, continuing to pull at the door. Pulling and yanking. Desperate. But he knew it was no use. It was too late.

“A head!” He shouted, at the door. “It’s out to get me!”

But there was no one. Because there wouldn’t be anyone. Because there never was anyone. The room suddenly grew deathly quiet. Because it always had been. Because it will forever continue to be. Because he’d known the answer all along.

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Promptly Written” Publication.

**Answer Me This
**_Can you provide the answer to this question?
_How did that get up there?

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