19 Feb 2022  C. chou  1 min read.

Under gentle probing,
A delicate pink visits,
Betraying reticent,
Hidden feelings

A visage warming heat,
Illumining features
On an unforgettable face

Unparalleled qualities,
Emphasizing the unique
And tender beauty

A lovely glow.
An irreplaceable charm.
A coy beckoning.

A shy declaration.
An unconsciously bestowed grace.
A loving gaze.
A welcome embrace.

In comes daybreak,
A joyous new beginning
A start to a new day

A welcome change.
A dawn,
Of a promising exchange.

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “The Storyteller’s Vault” Publication.

For an extra challenge, try to work these two words or ideas into your poem:
reticent | illumine

C. Chou
C. Chou

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