Enjoying the Calmness of Normalcy

24 Mar 2022  C. chou  3 mins read.

It was a calm day, like many of the others that he’s grown used to experiencing, but that didn’t bother him. There was a sort of peace that came with predictable normalcy. He smiled contentedly from his doorstep, at nothing in particular. His heart was simply appreciative of his ability to see the view at all. It didn’t matter that it was the same from day to day. It didn’t matter that seasonal changes presented the only variation. It didn’t matter that the seasons only offered a limited selection of appearances.

Sometimes, the simplest things were enough. He took a whiff of the smells that greeted him beyond his door. Smells that were somehow more welcoming when they came from the air free from the plaster confines of his home. Suddenly, the world lit up before his eyes. Colors filling every panel in sight. It’s been nearly a year since he’s returned and the calmness still hadn’t gotten old.

Stepping onto the pavement, it almost felt like magic. The way the sun shone onto his face. He grinned. It was amazing to be back at home. Taking his time, he closed the door behind him. Swaying back and forth, he walked along the pedestrian path, as if music played in his head with each step. In a way, it was true. There was little that he would exchange for a world like this.

A beautiful scene, children running around the park with happy parents contentedly watching, drew his attention. Reaching to his side, he pulled out his camera, which hung from his shoulders. As a journalist, the change of scene and pace was something that he could get used to. Though he knew that his new domestic work would ultimately only be propaganda… Pieces of work with a simple purpose: lowering enemy morale while boosting their own, he was serving the country. In a way, that was enough.

Kneeling onto a knee to get a better shot, he found that he couldn’t see anything. He must’ve gotten too used to the leisurely pace. He reached to remove the lense cap, only to find that it wasn’t there. Confused, he opened his eyes and looked up. A beautiful girl stood before him, with a coy smile. He grinned, and stood to follow her. Life like this… life free from the constant fear of bombs and gunfire… was something he could really get used to.

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Microcosm” Publication.

Pick your favourite or least hated song from either of … genres [Big band or Rap] and write a story that it inspires.

Song of Choice: Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller

C. Chou
C. Chou

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