Stealing Her Cherry

18 Mar 2022  C. chou  2 mins read.

“You’re a pervert!” She declared.

“Oh?” He asked, sounding curious.

“Stay away from me!” She demanded, stepping backward as he closed the distance between them. However, instead of stopping, he accelerated his pace until she found her back pressed against a surface. Quickly glancing back, she realized it was the table. She considered ducking underneath, but his breath on her temple told him it was too late for that. All the actions still available to her, at this point, had her locked firmly within his range of control.

“But I still want your cherry.” He said, reaching behind her to swipe the last fruit from her plate.

“You’re shameless.” She said, shoving at him. Though, she would have to do better than that to stop him.

“Oh?” He asked again. “And how’s that?”

Without waiting for her to respond, he pushed the berry between his lips. Closing his eyes, he prepared to savor the taste. Before he knew it, she vanished into the background as he found himself getting lost in the entire experience.

A burst
Quickly followed by another

Small explosions
That exploded onto his tongue

Following every bite,
They graced his taste buds

Granting a touch of sweetness
Alongside a tingle of sourness

A welcomed and sought after
Onslaught of pleasure

Before the image finally shatters
At the sound of a familiar voice

One that dropped him
From the heights of the Heavens
Back down to Earth

“You!” She shouted again, stunning him back into reality before turning her face away. It was nearly as red as the cherry that he’d stolen.

He turned to her, cocking his head sideways and raising an eyebrow in confusion, as he withdrew himself from her. Without another word, she stormed away from him. He couldn’t fathom what was bothering her. He had only wanted the fruit after all. Did she want the last one that bad?

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Promptly Written” Publication.


C. Chou
C. Chou

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