Thinking of You

23 Jan 2022  C. chou  2 mins read.

A cold winter chill. A beautiful snowy scene. Leafless trees blanketed in white. Suddenly, I am reminded of you. Your face. Your voice. The warmth of your body against mine. Your gentle arms around my waist.

And then, I think of the promise that you once left me. The promise that you would take me. The promise that you would fulfill when you found me again. My hand goes to my phone. Suddenly, I’m tired of the wait.

I know you meant it as a threat. But it leaves me thinking of you all the same. Pain blossoms in my chest. What a dream it’d be to see you again. What a luxury it’d be to see your face glide back into my sight.

Oh how I wish that last winter wasn’t goodbye. Oh how I wish you were still by my side.

I scroll by our last shared memory. I smile sadly as I see that familiar glint in your eye. Unsolicited tears well up in mine. Oh how you can still make me cry. Oh how you make me want to try.

Try, knowing the futility. Oh why? I hold out my phone. Little characters run onto my screen. My location. I imagine leaning into your shoulders as your bride.

But I straighten, letting those words disappear just as quickly as they came. A tear comes to my eye. Oh why did that winter have to be goodbye? Oh why couldn’t you stay by my side? Emotions crash relentlessly onto me like an angry tide.

Gently, I put the phone aside. I sigh. But the pain in my chest failed to subside. Nothing had ever been the same since that day I learned you died.

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Microcosm” Publication.

It’s up to you, you tell us how it started or how it ended?
Or what training montage led to this moment.
img Image from “I thought about texting you today to let you know where I am so that you could finally make good of your threat.”

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