Uninvited, At Your Wedding

28 Mar 2022  C. chou  1 min read.

The veil lifted,
Telling me
It was you.

But you turn away,
Billowing sleeves
Fluttering behind you.

Your eyes guarded,
with an absence
Of recognition

Heart clenching,
Tears falling,
I let you pass.

You go to him,
Without hesitation

In the bridal reds,
You kneel with him.

You exchange
Wedding Vows.

Our past forgotten.
Our feelings abandoned.
Our future forsaken.

Closing my eyes,
Turning my back,
I accept your decision.

The throbbing pain,
I whisper my goodbye.

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Storyteller’s Vault” Publication.

Billowing | Guarded

C. Chou
C. Chou

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