A Hug

20 Apr 2022  C. chou  2 mins read.

Opening your arms wide,
You accept me
Into your tender hold.

Granting me the blessings
That you’d once vowed to withhold

And still,
You question,
How I’ve become so bold,
No longer doing as asked or told.

I share that regardless
Of what’s been said and told,

To you,
My heart’s long been sold.

Had I not been bolder,
Had I not been stronger,
I feared you would
Only grant me a cold shoulder.

I took up the boulder.

Carrying it,
Even while it could crush me,
The moment my resolve grew weaker.

Even if there was a risk
Of my heart being shattered,
For it was you that mattered.

For in my eyes,
You are more valuable than gold.

And only this way,
I can unapologetically say
That at least I took the chance

Gambling that
You would one day
Grant me more than a passing glance

And welcome me
Against your warm shoulders

Issuing me forth
With eyes
That were no longer
Filled with just askance.

This poem was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Storyteller’s Vault” Publication.

Tender | Withhold

C. Chou
C. Chou

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