An Enticed Mouse

13 Apr 2022  C. chou  1 min read.

Paws shaky,
I take hold of your hand
Your calming presence,
Reassuring my insecure heart

Your steadfast support,
Successfully drawing me out
Of my cavern of safety
Where the darkness
Can shroud me.

I know it’s risky
To let you lure me.

There’s a part of me,
That wants to know
What would come to be
If I let you grab hold of me

Will it be a worthy story?
Or is it simply a trap
With which you try to catch me?

My heart yearns to know,
My mind longs to see.
What will it be?
What future do you have for me?

Light floods around me
As you deliver me
Into a new realm of possibilities.

This poem was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Storyteller’s Vault” Publication.

insecure | steadfast

C. Chou
C. Chou

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