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Without warning,
You launch yourself
Into the depths
Of my heart

Without fail,
You hold me
At your tail.

What began
As a tenacious whisper

A fantasy,
A dream
That couldn’t be real.

Became a ricocheting feeling
Knocking endlessly on my heart
Barging persistently into my soul

Slowly converting
A possibility
With but a small chance
Of being

Into a stronger
And more determined yearning

Into an undeniable pining
Into an unstoppable longing
For your presence

And into an unyielding
Reminder of your warmth,
Of your beautiful face,
Of your comforting presence

I find myself
Unable to live
With your absence

Is it just me,
Or am I falling
Under your spell?

Should I be concerned
About the magic
That you have cast?

This is part of
Your plan,

But somehow,
I don’t think
That I would mind
If it was made to last.

This poem was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Storyteller’s Vault” Publication

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