16 Jan 2022  C. chou  1 min read.

Into the darkness,
Away from the light.

Into the caverns,
Not a thing in sight.

A simple pattern,
In the depths of night.

Away from the passes,
Where freight trains take flight.

Within the stone walls,
Sounds ever so slight.

A quavering mouse,
Body uptight.

Swooping by,
Passes an falcon’s glorious might.

A sigh of relief,
From escaping an unfortunate plight.

Darkness falls,
Draping the world tonight.

In its protective black shadows,
Lies no reason to jump in fright.

This poem was inspired by the “Wednesday” daily writing prompt from the “Promptly Written” Publication.

Wednesday — Write a poem, piece of fiction, or an essay using the following prompt.
Darkness falls…

C. Chou
C. Chou

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