On a Bench Outside

27 Jan 2022  C. chou  1 min read.

A pen in my hand,
A pad on my thigh,
My mind wandered.

I let out a sigh,
A quiet contentment,
As the world passed me by.

On the bench,
A jar of dye,
The color of the sky.

On the paper,
My hand flies.

And upon it,
Grew a blue painted lie.

A flower in my hand,
A lonely crow cried.
My mind wandered.

And I wondered,
What that would imply,
As I closed my eyes,
And said goodbye.

This story was inspired by a writing prompt from the “Promptly Written” Publication.

My mind wandered…

C. Chou
C. Chou

A writer that loves cabbages and bamboo, but also enjoys writing and sharing fiction (particularly the fantasy genre). Find me on Medium at: https://chouxherbe.medium.com/