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Ceremonial Robes
Draped over his shoulder,
Proof of his stature,
A hero returning from warfare.

Proof of his efforts.
Proof of his loyalty.
Proof of his honor.

The shade recognizing,
Both the reds he spilled,
And the blue blanketed lands,
He took as trophy.

Draped over his shoulder,
A shade that celebrated,
A shade that announced,
A shade that commemorated.

His triumph.
The nation’s glory.
The nation’s pride.
His senate approved honor.

Crowned in Laurels
And cheered on by the loving masses,
He donned the purple.
But continue did the people cheer

As he took,
What was not his.
As he stole,
From the populace.

Blinded they were,
By his magnificence.
Blinded, they remained,
Of his ambition.

Then, thrown aside,
He became,
On the Ides of March.

His once regal robes,
Stained in blood.
His honor confiscated,
By the men,
That once granted it

A betrayal of friendship,
Granted in return for,
The betrayal of trust.
His gift to the state.

But stayed his changes did,
Kept alive and ablaze,
By the love of the People.
His sins quickly forgotten.

And donned in purple,
Another man came forth.
A master puppeteer.

And lived onward,
Did the once mutinous generals,
By the name of Caesar.

This poem was inspired by historical events and the Violet Poetry Challenge on the Promptly Written Publication

When I think about the color violet, it symbolizes creativity, wisdom, dignity, magnificence, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. And that’s what I exactly want this challenge to be about: for people from all around the planet and beyond to write poems on such ‘violety’ topics. I want y’all to write, write, write, write, and write.

C. Chou
C. Chou

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